It has been claimed by the head of the British foreign intelligence agency MI6 that China is responsible for the “tragic” state of events in Myanmar since it is the “foremost supporter” of the navy dictatorship. This is the reason why China is accountable for the situation. During a meeting with the media in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, Sir Richard Moore expressed his opinion to Sky Information that “it is appalling to see what is occurring in that fantastic nation.” It was a question about whether or not he was concerned about China supporting the naval junta, and he was answering that question.

Sir Richard Moore, the head of MI6, is seen here.

The head of the department of intelligence said that he had been to the country not more than a few years ago and described the current condition of things as “deeply, deeply tragic.” I’m concerned China does have a responsibility since they are the most prominent supporters of that government,” he remarked. “I’m afraid China does have accountability.” “It is difficult to imagine that it would be able to function in the best way that it does at the moment if it did not receive that assistance,” the speaker said. It is recommended that you use the Chrome browser in order to view the video participant 1:41. Justification of China’s ‘bankrolling’ of the Myanmar junta

Within the month of May, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Qin Gang, traveled to Myanmar and was seen on camera meeting with the leader of the junta, Min Aung Hlaing. An apparent indication of the ongoing assistance that Myanmar is getting from its extremely successful neighbor is the construction of a fresh new railway line. Despite the fact that it was not open until 2021, the enormous terminal at Lincang, which was equipped with a vast freight yard and cargo cranes, was built with the intention of transporting goods from China to Myanmar and beyond.


Please use the Chrome browser in order to participate in the video in a more accessible manner. 3:11 The increasing influence of China in Myanmar. The main journalist for Sky, Stuart Ramsay, together with his crew, has observed the deadly reality of the civil war, which the government of Myanmar claims is not taking place. A whole month was spent by Sky Information teams working secretly deep into the forest with resistance fighters, medical personnel, and volunteers. They were not evacuated from the location where the fighting was taking place.

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Every hour of every day, I had the feeling that I was in danger, but I knew that it was a risk that was worth taking. There will be other instances of “death and destruction” in Myanmar. To ensure that the video participant is more easily available, please utilize the Chrome browser (41:32). The struggle that is being fought behind the scenes in Myanmar

They were there while a young man, seventeen years old, was getting treatment at a covert frontline hospital. During the bombardment by the Myanmar military, he was sleeping in a monastery when he was hit by a mortar round that blasted his body with shrapnel. He is now recovering from his injuries. According to the United Nations, at least 1.7 million people have been displaced as a result of the fighting in the southeast Asian nation that was once known as Burma. However, only a small number of Western journalists are able to enter the country.

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Immediately after that, You may sign up for Sky Information by clicking on the link. Once a day, regardless of where you obtain your podcasts, In addition to houses, colleges, church buildings, medical clinics, and hospitals that were all damaged, the roads are littered with the wounds of the fight, which include burned-out Myanmar military vehicles. Communities were driven away from sites that were very dangerous. Some of the occupants have built communities that are not permanent installations. Ramsay was given the following advice by a member of the group: “We do not know the reasons we are being attacked, but we have never before encountered something like this.”

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